Official image of Xiaomi…

Official images Mi Mi 9T and 9T Goucher not the territory of held the first lightning sale Redmi K20 Pro, which batch run of 200 thousand units were sold out in 1 hour and 40 minutes. Regular rumors suggest that the will soon be on the world market, and Xiaomi has already confirmed that the company will soon introduce Xiaomi Mi Xiaomi Mi 9T and 9T Pro will be global Redmi and Redmi K20 K20 Pro, respectively. Now known network informant Rolled Quandt (Roland Quandt) has published a selection of official press images of the Xiaomi Mi Xiaomi Mi 9T and 9T, which indicates the imminent official . The insider confirms that the Xiaomi Mi Xiaomi Mi 9T and 9T look exactly the same as Redmi and Redmi K20 K20 Pro, but have a different logo on the rear. No differences in terms of toppings will not be the emergence of Xiaomi Mi Xiaomi Mi 9T and 9T on the European market is expected this month. Comment

You can watch endlessly….

you Can watch endlessly. Samsung showed smartphone Galaxy Fold are bend test, Samsung has published on the official YouTube channel a video showing how the Galaxy Fold to pass a test on a bend. For this smartphone many times to fold and can be opened using special equipment. Roller with synchronous opening and closing of […]

Budget smartphone Huawei…

Inexpensive smartphone from Huawei 5G will be available by the end of next year the company Huawei already has a modem 5G, but it is not in a hurry to bring to market a smartphone with support of networks of the fifth generation, limiting the model Mate 20X 5G. According to rumors, support for the […]

Germany tests the first…

Germany is testing the first section of the eHighway on the autobahn Near Frankfurt started the first test in Germany of the site of the highway for electric trucks powered from overhead network. The German Ministry of environmental protection hopes that the project will contribute to climate neutral transportation. Hybrid diesel-electric trucks will move in […]

Sapphire has prepared a special…

Sapphire has prepared a special version of 3D-card Nitro+ Radeon RX 590 for the 50th anniversary of AMD AMD has produced several products in honor of their 50th anniversary (company was founded may 1, 1969). About the processor Ryzen 7 2700X in the anniversary performance of we have already mentioned, and now the source has […]

36 more expensive than the iPhone… iPhone 36

more Expensive XR. In Russia, offering offering keypad phone weighing 300 grams Caviar a Russian company known for their incredibly expensive extravagant variants of flagship smartphones, has released a series of push-button telephones “Founders” in the line of the Tsar. The designers of this time were inspired by the great rulers, founders of dynasties and […]

Samsung canceled… Samsung

training cancelled trainings of sellers in the background of the problems with screens Galaxy Fold Story with the bad screens foldable smartphone Galaxy Fold will be continued. According to the insider on Twitter, Samsung has canceled the training of the employees of the stores that were shipped the Galaxy Fold. This is standard practice on […]